Farm horses on the Wirral

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Picnickers at Trearddur Bay on Anglesey
Miss Marjorie Alexander 1893 - 1983
Touch the photograph to see John Towle actually taking the shot of Miss A.

Only recently the photograph was tracked down to the back of a shed in New Zealand. Good thing the mice liked her.
In her 70s, Miss Alexander was still shooting 16mm footage with her tired Kodak BB Junior in New Zealand.

In a rare moment of "kissing cameras" the late John Towle captured Miss A from the other side with his Kodak box camera.
A farrier captured at work by Miss A
Liverpool Docks - ship coming in

Nazis at the Nuremberg Rally, 1934

HMS Conway in the Menai Strait
Nazi Rally at Nuremberg, 1934
Ferry across the Mersey, Liverpool
Miss A filming in Anglesey
Hitler drove past as Miss A filmed from an upstairs window at the Nuremberg Rally
Images from Miss A's Archive

Miss A rushes back to wind her clockwork camera

Chester during King George V's Silver Jubilee, 1935

Miss A's motor car

The Liver Building from across the Mersey

Having fun on stilts during the 1930s

Donald and Hilary having a doll's picnic, 1932

Steam ship listing in the Mersey

Olga, the children's Swiss governess, balances on the seesaw in 1932

Hulme, the chauffeur-gardener, during the 1930s

Ingrid Bergman's "Inn of the Sixth Happiness" film set in Beddgelert, North Wales, 1957
Paddy fields on the filmset in Beddgelert, 1957
Mini pagodas built for the film set in Beddgelert, 1957
Wall of China on the filmset of the "Inn of the Sixth Happiness" in Beddgelert, 1957
Building the filmset in Beddgelert, 1957

Miss A shooting in New Zealand

Horse-drawn hay wagon

Young Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visit New Zealand, 1953

China comes to Beddgelert during the filming of the "Inn of the Sixth Happiness", 1957
Strawricks being built for the filmset in Beddgelert, 1957
Miss A out filming 1920s