Valleystream Cultural Media Nant y Dyffryn was established from an artistic concept to explore and produce a wide variety of creative material, both for project and commercial design. Working with various formats and mediums within the audio-visual world, a much wider spring board for opportunity exists, enabling us to develop into more diverse areas of producing & publishing for both Cymru and throughout the UK.

With over 35 years business & artistic experience behind us - working in the medium of motion film, digital video, audio recording, photo-imaging, written text, research, collective heritage archive, marketing and promotion - ValleyStream provides a flexible environment, establishing projects & created objectives in house, developing and delivering ideas commercially or for important heritage projects and special interest documentary.

This workbench provides ground-level opportunities - a training platform for imaginative individuals, mainly from Cymru but occasionally from further afield such as the Basque region of Spain: people wishing to gain work experience and obtain evidence in the field of media, examples are good friends Dyfed and Ebai, two dedicated individuals who understood the Producer and ValleyStream aims.

A Brief Background

In 1988 an amateur audio-recording suite was developed at Glyntwrog House, Betws y Coed, from there ValleyStream Media was established as a workbench for production & publications. In 1992 a company was formed on a professional basis by artisan producer Stef. A year later, a broadcast video edit-suite was commissioned and an AV production studios was under development.

ValleyStream soon became recommended by companies like FAST Electronics Germany for training DT Video editors from organizations such as Amethyst TV, and public sector like Devon Fire Brigade and Bolton General Hospital.  They post-produced the first History of London video for DVH Productions Birmingham, supplying WH Smith's London, which became a best seller in the mid 1990s. Providing a wide range of media services and production facilities, offering the latest technology, the company soon began taking in clients from both the business & private sectors from around the UK.


As a distributor ValleyStream was supplying titles to a network of over 400 retail outlets, including WH Smith's, Sainsbury's, Tesco's, Safeway's, Waterstone's, Bookland's, Ottakar's, etc, to schools, and offering titles in over 40 magazines/newspapers (such as Yachting World and Farmers Weekly) and to 2000 repeat customers throughout the UK, Japan, Australia and USA. Several local productions became best sellers, outselling Matrix, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter in regional WH Smith's and one year nearly topped the Titanic - amazing at the time for low budget VHS but true.

Studio Re-Location & National Heritage Work
In 1998 ValleyStream Studios relocated several miles further up the Conwy Valley to concentrate on important heritage projects for Cymru and throughout the UK.





Productions, Projects & Activities
Whether producing documentaries, children's educational DVDs or working with RAF fast jets, ValleyStream's work bench is extremely diverse and today recognised for its important heritage activities & archival collections. Example - in 2002 ValleyStream launched The Alexander Film Archive, instantly becoming a nationally recognised film discovery of great social importance, reaching tabloids newspapers like The Times and covered by TV shows like C4 Richard and Judy. Several TV documentaries were produced with the BBC: a 3-part mini-series plus a landmark one-off TV documentary. The Alexanders was nominated for a Royal TV Society Award for best regional programme, coming runner-up to Granada.

Others examples include: 16mm film telecine transfer/archiving for the Tibetan Foundation, London; and after several years development The Gwilym Davies Aerial Photographic Collection was released. Also VS published best titles such as "Shades from the Sky" and DVD 'The Mabinogion', according to the National Library of Wales the first time visually printed on motion picture and released to the public and who requested the first deposit.

SgrinCrefft -ScreenCraft,
a mobile cultural a/v media presentations unit, was launched in 2004, promoting Welsh culture across Cymru. 

saw two new important heritage projects which are now generating world wide attention:
The Romani Cymru Project - Wales's first Romany research-archival and language initiative, assisting the preservation of Cymru's Kale and Romani Culture. Also The UK Vardo Heritage Project - the only research-archival initiative of its kind, which has the world's largest Romani Vardo internet site: . The website commands over 12 million visits yearly. Both are unique-landmark projects sponsored by Valleystream, helping to save a slice of our fast disappearing Romani heritage. 
Also of interest - in 2006 a limited edition rare recording of BBC's "Romany" George Bramwell Evens was released on CD. In 2007 ValleyStream released Eldra on DVD - S4C's award-winning (BAFTA) film to promote Welsh Romani Heritage. 2008 saw 3 new web video channels on YouTube - UKWebcast being the main channel.

2010 Award winning film Juliette of The Herbs was released on DVD, and the year saw the start of a two year consultancy & restoration commission for Cheshire East Council and the Romany Society.   2012 activities included pre production consultancy, image/info supply working with Telesgop on "Y Sipsiwn" a 9 part TV Series for S4C, broadcast live in the summer which proved popular. Other clients include Plum Pictures London, imagery & consultancy for C4 - George Clarke TV Series Amazing Spaces.

For the past decade ValleyStream's been dedicated to important heritage work, mainly for Cymru. including electronic archiving via digital filming and audio recording for future generations. These activities are often assisted by experts, historians in their field and volunteers.

The Future - The sole intention of  Valleystream's work is that eventually their library collections, archives and many other copyright works will be donated to the National Library of  Wales for future generations. A lifetime's work for a good cause.

               Metta brava - Stay peaceful.

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