Aerial still photography of North Wales - professional, medium format, in full colour. Now available as a picture stock library for commercial publication or for private prints for your family or friends.

For over 9 years Gwilym worked closely with producer Stef Bate and ValleyStream’s production team.

Stef had been approached in 1996 by a good friend of Gwil’s, film consultant Frank Bailey, to see if he could do something with Gwilym's photographs. Stef had been working on various aerial projects for some years so they both had a lot in common.

The studio began the lengthy task of compiling and developing Gwil's unique aerial photographic collection of more than 32,000 images of North Wales, taken over 25 years, into a library. It was a challenge sifting through so many albums of transparencies to form the two databases, creating “The Gwilym Davies Collection” - stunning images from the skies of North Wales.

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"King of the SKY" Photographer Gwilym Davies
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At weekends local farmer Arfon Evans leaves his life on the land and heads for the sky. In the 1950s Arfon flew Meteor jet fighters with the RAF but these days his aircraft is a small, two-seater Cessna. For many years Arfon was accompanied on his flights of fancy by amateur photographer Gwilym Davies. Gwilym juggled up to four Mamiya cameras, using fast colour film which he developed himself at home. Once in the air they coasted the currents and circled Wales at heights up to 5,000 feet (1,525 metres), reaching speeds of 100 miles per hour. Even so, Gwilym poked his head out of the open window, aiming for his best shots of the countryside below. Climbing above the mountains and the clouds, he built up an intriguing portfolio of photographs with an extraterrestrial quality.

Sky Book and DVD Releases

Many of Gwilym's aerial photos are quite unique, a time capsule of images of the area. Gwilym eagerly wished to share his pictures with the public, and ValleyStream has helped make his wish come true!

Some of Gwil's best photographs can be see in two of ValleyStream's products:

  • Shades from the SKY - Book publication (Nov 2003)
  • North Wales from the SKY- DVD (Nov 2004)

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