For over 20 years ValleyStream has been providing vocational a/v training and work experience to selected individuals experiencing difficulty breaking into the media industry.  Medium to long term courses are occasionally available, from 1 to 3 years.  We take pride in our workbench which is different from the usual Uni course, intensely practical, often working with new concepts and facing deadlines, its both exciting and hard work.  We are keen who we train and its more for serious individuals who can grasp the "reality of the industry", eventually gaining the necessary professional portfolio to move on from one commercial studio to another and a career in the media industry.  It is an alternative to college or university where you start as a student and finish as a student, often to discover you're over-educated, with no vocational experience, and unable to find a job as media companies don't take you seriously.

Were not for everyone.  If you genuinely feel creative media is where you want a future career, believe you can blend in with our dedicated production team, and can convince us you are the right person to be professionally trained, then we'd like to hear from you when a suitable training placement becomes available. 

                                                                                       Thank  you -  Diolch yn Fawr

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