Barry, Glamorgan

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In the 1930s these Romany families were among those who converged on Barry in Glamorgan every year.  Along with the Herons and Prices they met up at Barratt's Farm in Cadoxton to rokker, barter and marry, and to look for seasonal work during the harvest.


Beside the farms, there was also the nearby Pleasure Park on Barry Island, which drew hundreds of thousands of visitors to its thrilling rides and penny stalls.

The Forses, Brownhills and Webbers ran pony rides for children on the curvaceous sandy beach.


Barry was only one end of a journey which might take the travellers in their waggons as far as the Evesham orchards in Worcestershire or on to the hopfields of Kent.  Dobbins Road can still be found in Cadoxton today - perhaps named after the daubing pit or maybe a reminder of days when children played in the streets and watched the horse-drawn caravans go by in full colour instead of watching reality television.

Many of these family names, such as the Forses and Northams, can also be traced to people from Devon who settled in Glamorgan at the turn of the century.



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