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Alexander Archive documentaries featured on the BBC and Channel 4

The Alexanders, one of ValleyStream's rare historical film archives, featured on C4's Richard and Judy chat show in March 2002 with an interview with Gemmell Alexander, sole surviver of the 42-year 16mm film archive, discussing some of its historical background.  ValleyStream then helped pre-produce a 3-part mini series with BBC North entitled the "Alexander Archive" (BBC "Inside Out" series), which was screened in September 2002, with a Landmark screening on BBC1 in June 2003 and BBC2 in July 2003.
See the Alexander Archive for an historical glimpse into the Archive.

Alexander TV documentary in nomination for Royal TV Award

ValleyStream's Alexander TV landmark documentary produced for the BBC (Peter Trollope) was nominated for a Royal TV Award for best regional TV Programme!  The awards were held at Liverpool's Central Hall in November 2003, and around 1000 celebs and TV producers turned up.

The Alexander was only 1 of 3 nominees chosen from the hundreds of programmes put forward, and The Alexander Archive came runner-up!  A Granada TV drama won about a convict in prison.  The other was a doc about bondage sex.  Ours was about an innocent girl and her non-vibrating clockwork camera - strange mix - and
who says crime doesn't pay!  See the Alexander Archive

ScreenCraft  is now online via ValleyStream's YouTube Channel UKWebcast , presenting a diverse range of cultural material for children and adults.  For more specialised videos, ValleyStream also has two other cultural web broadcast channels:
GypsyWaggons and RomaniCymru

Romani Cymru - Romany Wales Project
Visit Wales's Interactive Research & Archival Project
on Welsh Gypsies

A Heritage project for Welsh culture - Romani Cymru is an archival and interactive research initiative about the historic Kale Romani tribes of Wales, including an acquisition fieldwork program digitally recording audio - visual materials. Also a Welsh Romanes Lauguage Program under development. The Project also aims to bring a greater awareness to the general public of the existence of the Kale Romani tribes of  Wales, to enlighten them of their rich history, and to dispel any negative myths surrounding their culture.

The mystique of the Welsh Gypsies and their richly beautiful culture has often been hidden, unrecognised or ignored even up to present times.  Centuries of persecution, ignorance and prejudice, together with a harsh existence in the Welsh valleys, has alienated many of the traditional Gypsy folk, resulting in the image of these nomadic people being completely misunderstood.  Yet nearly all our lives have been enchanted by their language or rich culture in some shape or form.
The RC project team Romani and Non Romani actively undertaking the lengthy process of gathering and compiling material from a fragmented Welsh Romani community.  The findings will be, in the long term, of national historical importance to Cymru.

Click the link to visit the Romani Cymru Project  -

The World's Largest GypsyWaggons Website

Features in The Times Magazine and Sunday Telegraph
Spring 2007

2006 saw ValleyStream launch the UK Vardo Project, Britain's first collective picture library and internet publishing website dedicated to Romani vardos-Gypsy waggons from around the United Kingdom - fast reaching enthusiasts across the globe and becoming an instant success, making it the world's top vardo website.  Gypsywaggons has gained excellent recognition and appraisal by top vardo experts and enthusiasts alike, and it's a credit to Conwy's Wales-based team and everybody involved.

Reading, Burton, Watt, Orton Spooner, Howcroft, Wright, Rudderham, Ledge, Showman, Bowtop, Kite Waggon, Openlot, Squarebow and many more.

The Library now has over 350 vardos (Gypsy caravans) online and is rapidly growing by the month, including some famous and historic wagons such as Roald Dahl’s, Romany’s, Roger Daltrey's, Ronnie Wood's, Jim Berry’s, with private collections as well as vardos from museums such as Reading, York etc.

Additional features are being added to the pages every month, including articles and fresh vardos of all types, plus links of associated interest.

Some comments :-

Dear Stef - Firstly, congratulations for such a wonderful web site. It is very informative, well put together and just a delight to visit. The gallery is excellent and no where else have I seen so many vardos in one collection. .......... Robert Longstaff - Pennsylvania, USA.

Hi Gypsywaggons - Have just spent the last hour and a half lost in wonder on your websites and had to email to say how impressed I am particularly with the information on vardos ........Scorchie - Llanberis, Wales.

Dear ValleyStream - I love your web site, and I love gypsy caravans, I would love to have one in our home in Western Australia ....... M
aureen Smith - Byford, Austraila.

Great website. ........ Richard O Neil - Machester, UK.

Hello Angi - one of my potential customers told me about your site.  I found it to be very interesting and full of contacts and information ..................... Kayo Frazer - Wildhorsebooks, Montana, USA.

Hi Stef / Gypsywaggons - I think your website's fantastic ............. Chris Wright - Derbyshire, UK.

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      Classic DVD Release

Scribed over 1000 Years ago.
Now for the first time available on DVD.

ValleyStream first worked on tales from the Mabinogion visually in 1995.  The Mabinogion is the most famous collection of Welsh tales, dating back to the dawn of the Celtic world.  For hundreds of years bards told these stories to spell-bound listeners at the courts of the Welsh princes.

They kept alive the history of their tribes, celebrating heroes such as the Emperor of Rome who married a Celtic princess and the earliest known King Arthur.  It wasn't until the 10th century that the tales were written down – and now ValleyStream has produced them on DVD.

Recently, the Mabinogion has inspired the work of many authors and poets, such as JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

Six stories are beautifully narrated here by Cybi the Monk, found sleeping with his apple in the heather-clad mountains of Wales.  Original colour illustrations melt into stunning motion footage of dreamy wildlife and sleepy Welsh landscapes.                                                                                                             Circa - 60 minutes
  Buy the DVD Now!

What's "The Mabinogion"?

What have you been missing!
... before The Lord of the Rings there was THE MABINOGION.  Widely recognized as the finest arc of Celtic mythology, the eleven stories were preserved in two Welsh collections, The White Book of Rhydderch (c.1300-1325) and The Red Book of Hergest (1375-1425), though the stories themselves hail from an oral tradition dating back to the tenth century.  At its core are tales of heroes and men, birth and death, gods and beasts, penance and vindication, kinship and kingship, battles and quests.  THE MABINOGION embraces much of ancient and early British culture, combining the numinous world of Celtic mythology, Arthurian legend and feudal Europe’s Age of Chivalry.  Indeed, scholars have identified that it was out of THE MABINOGION that the Arthurian legends were born.  Do a search on the net for The Mabinogion and you'll see how well known it really is!


ValleyStream's Gwilym Davies Aerial Photo Library - a stunning archive of 32,000 aerial photographs of North Wales on medium format, taken over 25 years by Gwilym, flying out from Mona Airfield with ex-fighter pilot Arfon Evans.  A photographic/text database has been compiled for a quick search, and the Photo Library is now available under licence for commercial and private use.  So if you require or would like an aerial photograph of your area, for whatever purpose, get in touch!  Wide range of sizes and prices, prints from negatives or image-ready jpgs for publication, etc.   Click here for further details.

Click to read about
ValleyStream's Rare CD Release featuring Romany of the BBC
"The Holy Grail of the BBC Archives"

A True Story of Famous Welsh Gypsies

S4C's BAFTA Cymru Award-Winning Drama

Ffilm a Enillodd Brif Wobr BAFTA Cymru

Now on DVD for the first time by ValleyStream
  the award-winning Gypsy drama based on the childhood of Eldra Roberts, a descendant of the famous
Abram Wood/Roberts Welsh Gypsy tribe.

Winner of:
* 5 BAFTAs Cymru 2001:  Best Drama, Best Photography, Best Design, Best Music, and Best Costume
* International Film Festival of Wales:  Film Four Audience Award 2001;
* Spirit of Moondance:  Best Feature Film 2003;
* 24th Celtic Film & Television Festival - Jury Award.

Enillodd y ddrama hon sawl gwobr ag mae wedi ei seilio ar blentyndod Eldra Roberts - oedd yn hanu o dylwyth y Sipsiwn enwog Abram Wood/Roberts.                                                    

Meet the Real Eldra Now ..!                                                                                                    More about the DVD