Nirvana Still and Motion Picture Library
ValleyStream's comprehensive library of still images and motion film clips:- film footage available on many topics; professional extensive all-season video archive footage of North Wales; fully indexed and databased for fast search. Digitising also available - web-ready, etc clips available for commercial use under licence, priced from 1 minute plus.

The Gwilym Davies Collection - Aerial Picture Library of North Wales
Probably the finest collection of aerial images of North Wales from the sky. A professional 20-year aerial stills archive, all-seasons, shot on medium format. 32,000 breathtaking pictures now available under licence. Full print service: prints, slides, digitised. Excellent prices. This extensive collection is now available and is being exhibited and published by ValleyStream at the wishes of the late Gwilym Davies and his family - so all can share his truly stunning photography.  Images available for Commercial Use under licence.  Please enquire.

The Alexander Film Archive
Today officially recognised as a national film treasure of great social importance, this comprehensive16mm film library comprises of 13,000ft of periodic black/white and colour motion picture footage circa 1920 - 1963. A wide range of subjects and places from Germany to Wales, New Zealand to Sark - beautiful quality, highlights of the twentieth century, nostalgic and traditional scenes - supported by the Alexander still photo library, an icon collection of crisp black and white photos/ image-ready digital stills. Both libraries are catalogued and indexed and available for commercial media use under licence. 

ALL ENQUIRIES - call 01492 572614  and ask for Angela Davies.

Price List

From Super 8 Silent / Standard 8 / 16mm Sound

Telecine one-off setting-up charge-: 50/silent, 70/sound.

Cost of tape/dvd stock you require mastering to = Standard VHS 3hr tape add 3 - for Pro tape add 15.00 - Broadcast DVCam 3hr tape add 20 - DVD add 30. These prices include copying to the tape.

Now choose your requirement for telecine-:

50ft reels

Silent film
One only (minimum charge) 20.00..
Each subsequent reel add 5.00....
Film cleaned/repaired 5.00 per reel .
Background music add 5.00 per 50ft reel ........................
Sound film add 5.00 per reel

200ft reels

Silent film
One to four reels 20.00 each ...
Five plus reels 17.00 each ...
Film cleaned/repaired 10.00 per reel .
Background music add 15.00 per 200ft reel .........................
Sound film add 10.00 per reel

400ft reels

Silent film
One to four reels 30.00 each ....
Five plus reels 28.00 each ....
Film cleaned/repaired 10.00 per reel .............................
Background music add 25 per 400ft reel ..............................
Sound film add 15.00 per reel

Important Note:- Your film may need Kres cleaning and any bad joints/damages repaired before telecining can been carried out - please check and let us know the general condition of each reel if possible.

Larger reels prices are pro rata. For copyright reasons we cannot accept customer-supplied music unless you wrote it yourself!

5.00 per title up to12 words either at start of video and/or inserted between reels.

A second master copy can be provided at 25 for any size order. For VHS to VHS back to back copies (non-copyright).
Cost of standard tape is included:
Up to 1 hour at 15.00 each inc. tape
Up to 2 hours at 18.00 each inc. tape
Up to 3 hours at 20.00 each inc. tape.

Registered post and packing - 8.00 or 16.00 for two separate parcels.

For further details contact-: ValleyStream on 01492 572614 or e-mail:-

All Prices Plus Vat

Strict Copyright Warning
All texts/audio/still/motion picture images are strictly copyright to ValleyStream Media 1980-2014 or to the stated contributor/
copyright holder/s or "unKn". Any unauthorised copying of any images or material from this website for any use is strictly prohibited without written permission from the image owners - owners of unknown images ("unKn")  from this website please contact us for fair use or image withdrawal. All rights reserved.

Heritage Project Developments
Interactive research and archival projects for the preservation of Welsh Celtic and Romani Culture.

Producers, Publisher and Distributors of Special Interest Documentaries, Cultural Media & Book Publications - Clients include:
DVH Productions (Birmingham) - Devon Fire Brigade - Bolton General Hospital - Conwy Council - Amethyst TV - Royal Air Force - BBC - Cactus TV (Richard & Judy) - Tibetan Foundation (London) - S4C - Arriva,  etc we have a wide portfolio. .

Video Pre Production
Cameras - DVcam Sony Dsr 500 - Dsr 370 - PD170s  etc Wide Range
Soundman - full loc kit
Type-setting / dtp
Voice-over narration - English/Welsh
Welsh translation
Research team
Graphic illustration team.

Video Post Production
Suite 1
Sony non-linear broadcast 3D video-editing suite intime rendering - available for wet hire.
Suite 2
Apple Mac,s + FC Pro DVcam mastering - dry/wet hire.
Attractive rates! Fully experienced editors available for both suites.

Audio Recording Suites 1 and 2
Two comprehensive Music and Audio recording suites 1 & 2 available, with an array of facilities and outboard equipment.

Video Streaming
Using the latest technology, we can encode your motion or still images - ready for website/DVD presentation, etc.

DVD Authorizing
Video encoding to DVD5 DVD9.

DVD Duplications
1 to 10,000 DVD CD replication / mastering, cases by Amray.

Graphic Designers
Design n print - from concept to full-colour print output.

Professional Digital Photography
Digital still imaging - to image ready.

Film Preservation and Digital Archiving
Film restoration and digital telecine transfer to a variety of formats.

Cultural Media Presentation Unit

Audio Visual Digital Projection Unit with technician/s available for day or weekly hire.  Ideal for events and promotions, etc.  Please enquire.

Call :- 01492 572614
Email :-