The Heron/Hearne Tribe
Teulu Heron/Hearne

Unknown, Glamorgan

The Heron or Hearn/e tribe has the heron for its crest.
  The name may also be written as Herin, Hern/e or Hurn/e and was first recorded in England in 1539.

From an original base in East Anglia the Herons spread out to the Midlands; the 18th century saw them expand into northern England and then down to Wales.

The Welsh Herons are mostly descended from Richard Heron.  One of Richard's grandsons was Edmund (Edward) Heron, born in Northamptonshire.  He and his wives Jemima and Anis Smith chose to travel in South Wales.

Another of Richard's grandsons was Alfred Heron from Lincolnshire.  Alfred married Rebecca Buteridge, and they settled in North Wales.  Their son Crimea married Dilaia Lee; they moved to Glamorgan, where their children were born in the 1880s/90s.

Dilaia's sister Melvinia Lee married Moses (Moti) Heron, another of Alfred's sons.  In 1881 Melvinia and Moses were living in tents near Wrexham with cousin Maggonas Lee and his family "next door".


Moses' youngest daughter Sophia married Jonathan Ayres and settled down in Cardiff.

Moses's daughter Rachael married Alfred Thomas, although both married again.  Later on, Rachael lived in a double decker bus on a hilltop in Haverfordwest.


Haverfordwest                           VS

In the 1930s some Herons are remembered as travelling in caravans to Barratt's Farm in Barry each year, returning to Kent for the hop-picking season in September or to Evesham for the fruit harvest.  They were joined by many other Gypsy families, such as the Prices, Ayres and Northams.

Rachael and baby Lenny


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